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18 April 1985
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This journal is owned by creatore_magico It's just somewhere to store my writings in case my computer crashes one day and I loose them all. :0 Wah! I dont want that, so, if they are online I keep them forever. Friends only because, I have niggling fears about my work being stolen. T_T!

Stories will be either:
Pandora's Box
Memory Keepers
Vampire Orpheno
Legends of Tharalin Reborn (Fantasy worldie stuff)
RP based writings (always fun)
Weakness (Tarre de Grimace)
The Wishing World (collabrative with drazzi

Would like to say thank you's to MY dr_ghost who I love and who loves me. MY drazzi for always reading, commenting and helping me write. The click_boom for always inspiring me! And rwylin_ni Because if it wern't for you half of these characters would be dead. And anyone else who reads my things <3 Thank you!